TenSalud means “Have health” in Spanish, and there’s nothing much more important than our health. We provide our service and technology so US clinicians can provide their patients optimum recommendations for their health.

Need Based

This clinic is an acknowledgement that it may be years before the FDA provides clearance in the US for physicians to provide needed stem cell therapies for their patients in the US. There are hundreds if not thousands of physicians who realize the benefits of those therapies, and many have a backlog of patients requesting such therapy. They cannot provide the services themselves, but they can refer, sponsor, oversee and monitor their patients’ care provided by a Panama-licensed. US board certified (ASPS, ISAPS and ASAPS) surgeon in Panama.


TenSalud, SA is a clinical service provider and stem cell laboratory providing adipose-derived, autologous stromal vascular fraction and mesenchymal stem cells to patients referred by their US-based physicians.


The Panama location was chosen because of its proximity to continental US, its own close history and ties to the United States via the Canal Zone, and a multitude of other reasons laid out in the Why Panama? section.

Proven Technology

TenSalud has a process, procedures and protocol with a well-known pedigree accepted by hundreds of US surgeons. The equipment and supplies used come from Medikan, perhaps known to some physicians as Adivive, or or Lipokit II. This is the same equipment in which the stem cell processing remains in one sterile 60cc syringeuntil final transfer to 3cc syringe for patient deployment, so there is the least possibility of contamination. This same brand of equipment has been used tens of thousands of times around the world and has never had an event of cross-contamination or loss of sterility during processing. The equipment and supplies used in Panama are well known, and safety and effectiveness are inherent in the equipment and the process itself.


We don’t market treatments; we acknowledge those must come from the referring physician with indications from their patients. We provide technology, the clinical setting, and qualified surgeons to provide stomal vascular fraction for the initial stem cell treatment and encourage a continuing process of expansion and banking of cells for each patient

Autologous ADSC’s

In our experience, your tissue coming from your body one moment will be completely acceptable back into your body as autologous stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and adipose derived stem cells. SVF is obtained using a mini-liposuction procedure to extract the patient’s adipose within a syringe, a mild collagenase solution, revolving incubation, and centrifugation. MSCs are obtained by culturing and growing stem cells from the adipose.

Patient Disclosures:

  1. Disclose and discuss the potential for physical, psychological, and economic harm from the interventions and travel, including costs of the procedure relative to patient's means.
  2. Disclose and relay independent scientific evidence of risk or benefit for a defined intervention.
  3. Disclose and discuss any possibility of ethical misconduct or questionable practices. This includes:
    • Failure to supply local and national evidence of oversight.
    • Questionable patient recruiting practices.
    • Clear misrepresentation, fraud, or patient abuse.

Every Patient a VIP

TenSalud is pleased to help arrange medical tourism visits to Panama that offer patients a quality experience. The health and welfare of patients is our priority. The moment you arrive at Panama City's Tocumen International Airport exit you are greeted by an English-speaking person, until your time of departure after your medical holiday and stem cell procedures---you will be guided and assisted by professional and caring TenSalud staff members.

Unique Medical Tourism Vacation

Some patients come with the idea to include enjoying the various wonders of Panama with their stem cell procedures. Others take a long weekend and plan to return to work early the next week. Whatever your needs are, we will work hand-in-hand to fulfill them.

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