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Cell Proliferation (Expansion)

We acknowledge that treatments using expanded cells are currently not permitted in the US. The FDA currently does not permit therapies using "manipulated" cells and it does not look like it will anytime soon. Though the process of expansion does not change the cells except their quantity, that is considered "manipulation". It’s for this reason we’re providing treatment in Panama; growing stem cells ('expansion') is our primary offering. While many cellular therapies are available in the US, few are legally able to provide effective treatment, in part because relief involves significant numbers of stem cells in the treatment which can best be obtained by--expansion.

Adipose Stem Cells as MSCs

Mesoderm is the middle layer of an embryo in early development, between the endoderm and ectoderm. It includes mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and eventually becomes muscle, blood, bone, cartilage and adipose. MSCs have the potential to become any cell of the body except new blood cells. Because MSCs may be pluripotent, it follows that they have the potential to treat conditions within different tissues. Although, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are found in adipose, skin, dental pulp, and bone marrow, we only work with adipose tissue. Everyone has adipose tissue and it’s easy to harvest. It’s what we’ve used for many years, likely similar to your own experience. Find out more

TenSalud's Process

From harvested SVF, mesenchymal stem cells are isolated and cultured using TenSalud’s proprietary process. TenSalud cultures and expands stem cells so they are not damaged. Your patient’s cells are grown in a closed container with a small air drain with a filter able to open and close. The cells are not exposed to open air. We biomechanically maneuver the cells in a closed method, unlike the standard open-air method of scraping cells off the media. We use an organic method of culturing the cells, keeping them healthy and original, and you can watch them growing in this actual video during our process. Feel free to discuss and share this with your patients. Find out more


Since we do not use trypsin or other chemicals, we do not use the term passages as we continually grow the cells until we have grown the numbers needed. As implied, we only use autologous (patient's own tissue) cells. Sometimes, low cell counts can reduce any significant impact on severe conditions, such as MS, Parkinson's, neurological damage, etc. For this reason, we developed this cell expansion process; taking cells extracted from adipose, culturing them in the lab and encouraging them to reproduce. The reproduced cells are identical to the source cells, but this process allows the original few million to be grown to over a billion cells. Treatments can then be crafted with cell numbers of 150-300 million per therapy. This cell count provides the effectiveness necessary to see meaningful results, even those with progressive conditions.

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Following the above process and treatment, we provide and encourage cryopreservation, or ‘banking’. Cryopreservation of cells is a critical step if selected, so this process is well controlled (eg frozen at a controlled rate and quickly thawed) to ensure viable cells. This process uses disposable, single-use technologies, to reduce the risk of contamination and maintain consistency. We confirm the stem cells remain viable with a test following the cryopreservation.

Stem Cell Surgeon

Joseph Setton, MD, our surgeon, works with Hospital Punta Pacifica.
Dr. Setton received his medical Diploma from the Technological and Higher Studies Institutes in Monterrey, México, attended the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and is a fellow of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery based in Garden Grove, California as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, International Cell Surgical Society, and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, among others.
He has also completed a General Surgery course at the University of Santiago de Chile and a course in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at the Catholic University of Argentina. Dr. Setton also attended a mini–residency program in Surgery at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, in Miami Beach, Florida.

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