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We know stem cell science can be hard to digest. Follow the questions below to find your answer.

Stem cells are cells that have not yet specialized in the body, meaning they have not grown into a particular type of cell with a specific function (e.g. muscle cell, skin cell, fat cells…). A stem cell has the capacity to become many different cell types in the human body. There are a variety of different types of stem cells, each beneficial in their own way.

Autologous ADSC mesenchymal stem cells are from your own body, so do not have any risk of rejection within your body. Your cells will seek out inflammation in the body and begin to heal damaged tissue. Mesenchymal cord tissue-derived stem cells have been administered thousands of times at clinics around the world without instances of rejection .

At TenSalud our protocol calls for the use of autologous (from your own body) adipose (fat) derived mesenchymal stem cells.

We offer a variety of treatments, but those are determined by discussions with your home-based physician, but those may include orthopedic, urologic, gynecologic, cardio, chronic inflammation, autoimmune/degenerative conditions, and bodily wear and tear.

That will again, be determined by yourself and your physician. The benefit of TenSalud treatment is that if you elect to expand your cells, they will be ready and waiting for you should you need further treatment.

Yes, as mentioned. It is not necessarily a specialty, but are able to offer site injections as an adjunct to otherwise recommended exercise regimens to extend flexibility of joints.

As far as how long you might be in a room, the actual process is only an hour or so You will be able to travel the day after treatment.

The United States still has strict regulations and laws against stem cell treatments. While you may find many clinics in the US offering “stem cell therapies”, these therapies are highly restricted in scope and number of cells used, or simply send you outside the US for treatment. These clinics usually draw patients in and then refer them to Panama. This can be both an unpleasant and an unsafe choice. It is currently not legal to obtain expanded stem cell treatment inside the US. The expansion is what allows the high cell numbers needed for effective treatment. It is because of these laws in the US that many have traveled abroad to receive the latest therapies, including high-profile athletes and celebrities. TenSalud seeks to provide patients with safe and effective treatments, in a safe and welcoming environment.

They are in fact, YOUR stem cells, so they come directly from you. No patented products involved, no concern of how your body will accept them—they are you.

Dr. Setton performs the treatments.

No, treatment costs are not commonly covered by standard insurance.

No laboratory, but from you. Once we’ve extracted your cells from your adipose, they are expanded in our lab, and if you choose, stored in a cryobank as well.

They are hand carried while you are in your room, and processed right there. If they are to be expanded, that is in the lab a couple miles away, so they are carried in sub-zero cryogenic containers by vehicle that short distance.

Yes, to ensure maximum treatment effectiveness, all of your cells are tested for viability prior to treatment.

There is a quality control throughout the protocol and process. This especially applies to your stem cells that are expanded to treatment-ready numbers. Even they undergo quality control testing.

The TenSalud clinic Is within the Setton Clinic, inside the Pacifica Salud complex in Panama City, Panama. You know Panama as the location of the Panama Canal Zone, and the Panama Canal itself. English as a second language is spoken by much of the population. There are many direct flights to Panama from major cities in the U.S. and Europe. View location on google map

Yes, the Setton Clinic is based in Pacifica Salud, and is fully licensed and inspected by the government of Panama. Additionally, the entire medical staff is fully registered and licensed.

Again, treatments depend on patient needs and what the referral by your home-based physicians recommends. Those may include orthopedic, urologic, gynecologic, cardio, chronic inflammation, autoimmune/degenerative conditions, and bodily wear and tear.

We are not specialized for orthopedic issues, but we provide site injections as an addition to our systemic treatment upon request.

Yes, we are located directly in downtown Panama City, an very internationally cosmopolitan city.

We only offer treatments for conditions that have medical research backing positive results and no harmful side effects. Dozens of studies have shown the efficacy of stem cell therapies for various degenerative diseases. Patients normally experience an increase in mobility, feeling, balance, strength & energy along with a reduction in stress and pain levels. However, it is impossible to guarantee any specific result for an individual, as every person’s body is different and will respond in different ways.

Dr. Setton has been treating patients with regenerative medicine for over 15 years.

Your home physician will monitor your condition continually once your return home. That schedule will of course be up to you and your physician.

Our protocol does not require that patients repeat treatment. Our goal is to help manage symptoms and slow progression, so that our patients won't have to return, but if there is a need, your cells will be ready if that is part of your individual prescription.

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